What RSS feeds you should be using

While the move to WordPress has gone fairly well, I’ve see some questions on Twitter about which feed to use. On the old blog, there were a few different feeds doing a variety of things. With the latest move, I’ve cleaned things up and tried to make it easier for everyone.

Here are the only three feeds you should be using from this site:


General RSS Feed:
Use this one if you want a feed of everything I post on the site:


I don’t recommend you use this feed to listen to or subscribe to the podcast, as it’s not optimized for that. Instead, use the one below


Podcast (Optimized for most listening scenarios)
This is the best (and only feed) that you should be using to receive the podcast:


This is the master feed that is piped into the Zune and iTunes. It has been designed, built and tested to work with the widest variety of web, desktop and mobile applications and devices including Google Reader.
Do not use any other feed except the one above to ensure you get all of the shows as quickly as possible.

This one contains just items I categorize as Marketplace


This one is helpful if you want to keep track of just high profile releases (like Demos, Game add-ons, Arcade releases etc.) This does not contain everything that is posted on the Marketplace, just things I make a blog post about.


Hopefully this will help and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.