Major Nelson out for a week

I wanted to let you know that I am headed out of town this week for vacation/holiday. I’ll be sailing the high seas on a cruise, so my online time will be limited. That means a few things:

  • The updates here on the blog will be sparse until I return. In the meantime, litheon may jump in and make a post or two as needed.
  • Will I be Tweeting? Probably a little bit through out the week, but much less than normal.
  • I won’t be reading or responding to email until I return.
  • No podcasts for Sunday July 3rd or the 10th. We’ll record a show when I return and get that posted as quickly as possible since we’ll probably have a lot to discuss by then.

If you need help with your Xbox 360 or Xbox LIVE, be sure to ask our award winning Twitter Support team @xboxsupport They’re ready to help.

That’s pretty much what’s up. Enjoy your gaming and I’ll be back soon.