Extra Life 2012

24 hours are gone and so are we. $5,333 raised for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Thank you all!

Hi, everyone! It’s e (@thevowel) here. As you may have heard on the podcast, I’m participating in Extra Life again this year. If you aren’t familiar with it, Extra Life is a gaming marathon in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In less than 48 hours I’ll be kicking off 24-hours of gaming to raise money for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

I’ll be streaming the whole way on twitch.tv so that you can watch – and join the chat and mock my skills or lack thereof. We’re also going to embed the stream right here on majornelson.com.

We’ve already raised $937 $1,154 $1,701 $2,039 $3,214 $4,581, but I’m shooting for $5,000 this year!


Watch live video from thevowel on www.twitch.tv

Sponsor part of the marathon!

For $100 you can pick an Xbox 360 game that I have and I’ll play it for 30 minutes. I’ve got most of the Xbox 360 games released in the US so there’s a good chance that I can play your favorite game – or the game that you’d like to see me suffer through! Want me to play it for another 30 minutes? Double your previous donation – $100 for the first 30 minutes, $200 for the next 30, etc. -and I’ll do it. Note: I’m not going to play Kinect games – I’m committed to playing for 24 hours, and if you have me playing Dance Central for hours on end I’ll collapse long before that.

We’ve already got some time sponsored:

8-9AM: Borderlands 2 (thank you Kristy & Randy Pitchford!)

9-9:30AM: Avatar: The Last Airbender (thank you @keithkline!)

NEW: 9:30-10AM: Banjo-Kazooie XBLA (thx @taskbaarchitect!)

NEW: 10-11AM: TBD (thx @kudakeru!)

NEW: 11-11:30: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (thx Sang Hong!)

NEW: 11:30-12: NCAA Football 2013 (thx Kevin Brumit!)

NEW: Noon-12:30: Viva Pinata (thx Jared Sartin!)

NEW: 12:30-1: Earth Defense Force: IA (thx Michael Bowen!)

NEW: 1-1:30: Kameo (thx Matt Richenburg!)

NEW: 1:30-2: Skylanders! (thx Peter Rysavy!)

Sponsor me! It’s for the kids!


Rewards for donations!

Thanks to some very generous friends I’ve got the following rewards to share:

For the next 50 donations of $10 or more:

Halo 4 Infinity Campaign Themes (thanks 343!)

For the next 10 donations of $25 or over:

Xbox LIVE Gold 1-Month codes (thanks Xbox LIVE!)

For the next 40 donations of $50 or over:

Your choice of Minecraft, Trials Evolution, Deadlight, & Joe Danger 2 – there’s 10 of each, so donate now for first choice! (thanks PlayXBLA!)

For the next 10 donations of $100 or over:

Borderlands 2 Season Passes (thanks Gearbox & 2KGames!)

Help the kids and get yourself something nice while you’re at it! Let me know what reward you’d like when you make your donation!


On behalf of the kids – THANK YOU!