Help Out, Level Up, Score Loot: Announcing Xbox Community Level

For the past two years, Xbox Community Ambassadors have been in the business of recognizing and rewarding community awesomeness. Though Ambassadors focuses on peer-to-peer support, we know that many of our members are also extremely active outside of our program, and it’s been a long-standing desire of our team to find a way to expand how we recognize our members. After much thought, many late nights, and a whole lot of work, we’ve built something we think does just that.

Today, we’re pleased to announce the launch of Xbox Community Level (XCL). Xbox Community Level is designed to track positive contributions by our community members and provide rewards for those contributions. By participating, members earn experience points (XP), and in turn achieve levels and unlock loot.

To kick off the program, contributions in both Xbox Community Ambassadors and the Enforcement United beta program will be recognized by XCL. For those unfamiliar, Ambassadors is a peer-to-peer support program in which helpful Xbox 360 customers can assist their fellow gamer in real-time chat, and on our Official Xbox Forums. For those wanting to learn more about the Enforcement United beta program, be sure to read the announcement blog post on Xbox Wire.

So, how does Xbox Community Level work? It’s simple. Members participate in Xbox Community Ambassadors or the Enforcement United beta, and on the backend, we track your participation, calculate your XP, and award loot to your Gamertag as you level up. There’s no need to opt in to earn rewards, submit your activity, or create a new profile.  We’ll take care of the heavy lifting.

Our goal in building this program wasn’t to create a new community activity to squeeze in alongside others. Instead, we wanted to build a platform that could connect otherwise separate community activities and unify contributions across Xbox Live into one cohesive, meaningful score. Ultimately, we imagine your Community Level becoming as integral to your Xbox Live identity as your Gamerscore, tenure, and reputation.

We’ve designed our program to continue to grow with the community. As we identify new ways in which you are already improving our community, we plan to incorporate those contributions and give you the recognition you deserve. For instance, leveling up in our program today might mean that you’re a stellar Ambassador or a solid member Enforcement United beta program, or that you’re a contributor to both. In the future, leveling up might mean providing feedback that helps us improve our services, proven expertise in Xbox products, or even creating game guides and helpful content in the forums.

The possibilities are broad, and we’re excited to work with you – the Xbox Live community – to figure out just what our future holds. In the meantime, we hope you’ll join us in this step toward making Xbox Live a better place. For more information on Xbox Community Level, hit up our official FAQ. Or, to get started in our program today as an Ambassador, head to our Apply Page.