Here’s What Gaming Critics Are Saying about Titanfall

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment’s “Titanfall” continues to impress, blowing away crowds at gamescom this week, where it was available to play for the very first time. Available only on Xbox and PC, “Titanfall” headed into gamescom fresh off being applauded as the most award-winning title in E3 history, taking home a record-breaking six awards, including “Best of Show.”

At gamescom, “Titanfall” shared this new cinematic, multiplayer gameplay video which lets you experience “Titanfall’s” fast-paced, vertical combat, featuring Attrition Mode on a new map called Angel City.

 The combination of the new trailer and the first playable experiences at gamescom continues the massive buzz for “Titanfall.”

Here are a few things that gaming critics are saying at gamescom this week:

The Verge

“‘Titanfall,’ the best thing at gamescom 2013.” – Vlad Sovov, The Verge

Penny Arcade Report

“’Titanfall’ is one of the first games that looks like a true next-generation title, filled with beautiful, high-detail madness that runs at a constant 60 frames-per-second.” – Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade Report

“I could spill more words about the game’s visuals, but I want to talk about the real reason the game is going to blow you away. In short, it plays even better than it looks.”– Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade Report


“Titanfall is the next great evolution of the twitch-action first-person shooter. Believe the hype.” – Ryan McCaffrey, IGN 

“This is Microsoft’s killer app. You will buy an Xbox One for Titanfall, and you should.”  – Ryan McCaffrey, IGN

“It’s pure adrenaline. What I love about it is that you never stop moving; you’re never pausing and thinking about anything, everything is fluid. It’s kind of incredible how you never stop.” – Andrew Goldfarb, IGN

“Vince Zampella and Respawn Entertainment’s fast-action on-foot/in-mech first-person shooter lives up to the hype through its brilliant feel for pacing and keen sense for balance in all offensive and defensive aspects.” – Ryan McCaffrey, IGN


“We played ‘Titanfall and mother of God it is amazing. One of the smoothest and best controlling games I have ever played.” – Adam Kovic, Machinima


“I’ll try to spare you a bit, as we talk about this game non-stop. But we blabbler on for good reason – [‘Titanfall’] is amazing.” – Dale North, Destructoid


“EA and ‘Titanfall’ just melted our faces off with mech combat hotness during gamescom.” – Hanuman Welch, Complex


“’Titanfall’ is a hyper-kinetic shooter, a game that feels like it was designed to challenge gamers who naturally have the dexterity and mental acuity to exceed in the modern shooter.” – Brian Crecente, Polygon