Hulu Plus, a Blanket, Hot Cocoa and Xbox One

Oh the holidays, everyone’s favorite time of year! With Thanksgiving coming up next week, ‘tis the season to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a warm cup of hot cocoa and a full queue of TV episodes just waiting for binge viewing. We’re excited to announce today that you can do all of your Hulu Plus watching this holiday season on the brand new Xbox One, available Nov. 22. 

Our Seattle Living Room Development Team worked relentlessly with our friends over at Microsoft to build a seamless Hulu Plus experience for Xbox One – a new version of our app that Xbox Live members have never had access to before. The new Hulu Plus interface on Xbox One features:

  • Our signature tray-style navigation allows you to quickly scroll through recommendations, popular shows and movies, top 100 clips and more.
  • Richer artwork and larger images.
  • A simpler way to find your favorite shows and discover new content with our updated search experience.
  • A new “Shows You Watch” feature that lets you jump straight to shows you regularly watch
  • “New to the Hulu Kids section today, we’re bringing you more kids programming, including classics like “Sesame Street,” “Thomas and Friends” and “Strawberry Shortcake”. For more info and titles, visit Hundreds of New Titles Now on Hulu Kids.”

The Hulu Plus experience for Xbox One was designed with the goal to make it the best TV-watching experience possible on this all-in-one entertainment system. You can pin Hulu Plus to your Home screen to have easy access to it. You can also locate Hulu Plus in the Xbox OneGuide, which will give you the opportunity to add Hulu Plus as an App Channel. App channels are like TV channels, allowing you to view Hulu Plus categories like Popular Shows, Popular Episodes, Popular Movies, and Trending Now right alongside your favorite TV channels, like ESPN, HBO, and Comedy Central. 

Can’t decide between TV or gaming? With Xbox One, you can enjoy both at once. All you have to do is snap Hulu Plus next to a game, or switch from one to the other instantly. That means you can watch Stewie Griffin plot to take over the world on last night’s episode of “Family Guy,” while you are conquering the Roman Empire playing “Ryse: Son of Rome.” 

Once you are within the app, you can also earn Achievements by watching a full season of a TV series, for example, or by viewing an episode of the latest Hulu Original, like “
Behind the Mask.”

Check out some these new features for yourself in our guided tour:

You can gain access to Hulu Plus by simply signing up for a one-week free trial directly from within the Hulu Plus app on your Xbox One, or by visiting

We hope you enjoy Hulu Plus for Xbox One as much as we enjoyed building it. Happy holiday watching!