Xbox One Sales Surpass $1 Billion in First Three Days

Following its launch on Nov. 22, Xbox One global consumer spend eclipsed $1 billion over its launch weekend, making it one of the top entertainment launches in history. The launch of Xbox One drove over two times more revenue than the top global movie opening of all time in the same time period – “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.”

Xbox One opened to a record-setting pace – selling more than 1 million consoles in less than 24 hours, making it the most successful Xbox launch in history. Xbox One have nearly sold out with more consoles underway to be delivered to meet holiday demand.

“We are humbled by the worldwide excitement for Xbox One,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President of Marketing and Strategy. “We built Xbox One for the fans and we love that they are having so much fun with Xbox One – driving the McLaren P1™, scoring like Lionel Messi, and storming the Roman Colosseum.”

With the launch of 22 hotly anticipated games, including 10 exclusive titles, gamers have many choices to play and early reports show they’ve spent millions of hours already defeating enemies, blazing racetracks, and creating weapon combos.

Highlights from the weekend include:

  • Over 12 million Xbox One Achievements unlocked
  • Over 6.6 million Xbox One apps installed
  • Over 3.7 million Game DVR clips uploaded
  • Over 1 billion zombies killed in Dead Rising 3
  • Over 35 million miles driven in Forza Motorsport 5
  • Over 86 million enemies defeated in Ryse: Son of Rome
  • Over 66 million combos in Killer Instinct

The Xbox One games line-up is the deepest and most varied launch lineup in Xbox history, designed to look and feel like nothing else, tapping the power of new hardware and the cloud, with features like Xbox Live, Kinect and SmartGlass. And as shown in this video, many more great games are coming in 2014, including “Titanfall,” “Watch Dogs,” “Quantum Break,” “Sunset Overdrive,” “The Division,” ‘Witcher 3,” “Kingdom Hearts 3,” “Metal Gear Solid V” and many more.

Xbox One brings the best games, live TV, Skype, sports, fitness, music and more to one system at the center of the living room, all available at the command of your voice. With recently launched entertainment apps, YouTube,
Netflix, Hulu Plus, and many more – Xbox One fans have the best entertainment and games available on one console this holiday season.

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