Zoo Tycoon Players Unite to Save Real-Life Endangered Species

Calling all animal lovers! “Zoo Tycoon” is working with the virtual zoo community to benefit real-world endangered animals and their habitats. Each month, “Zoo Tycoon” will issue a Community Challenge centered on the endangered animals featured in the game and the game’s community is invited to vote for which non-profit organization they wish to benefit. Once the challenge’s goal is reached, Microsoft will donate $10,000 to the chosen non-profit organization benefitting endangered animals and their habitats. The community will also get updates regarding how the funds were spent, with pictures and write-ups of the impact the community made on the endangered animals.

The “Zoo Tycoon” community is currently voting to select its first Community Challenge recipient from the following charities:
Rhino Rescue, Komodo Survival Program and the Tiger Species Survival Program. The community has 13 more days to choose which charity they would like to benefit, and then – once the voting closes – a challenge will be issued for players to reach in-game. If the community reaches the following in-game challenge goals, Microsoft, in partnership with Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), will make the listed donation to the winning conservation charity:

  • Release 1,000 Rhinos to the wild in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to help protect and deter further poaching of rhino horns in Africa.
  • Adopt 1,000 Komodo Dragons in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to support the Komodo Survival Program’s work with the Indonesian Government to protect this species.
  • Release 1,000 Sumatran Tigers into the wild in “Zoo Tycoon” and Microsoft and AZA will donate $10,000 to the Tiger Species Survival Program to help reduce the number of Sumatran Tigers killed, displaced or caught in snares.

Voting for this Community Challenge closes on Dec. 31 – vote by going to the “Community” page in the game or check the progress of the voting on the Xbox Achievements app.  Voting will begin for our next challenge in the New Year with new charities, so check back often!

“Zoo Tycoon” for Xbox One is exclusively available at Walmart in the U.S. between Nov. 22, 2013 and Jan. 31, 2014. Customers can also purchase “Zoo Tycoon” for Xbox One at Microsoft Stores and download the title on Xbox Live. “Zoo Tycoon” for Xbox 360 is available at all major retailers.