CES 2014: Xbox represented at CES panels

We’re thrilled to have an Xbox presence at the world’s largest consumer electronics show. On Wednesday, Marc Whitten, Chief Product Officer for Xbox, and on Tuesday, Albert Penello, Senior Director of Product Management and Planning at Xbox, participated in two industry panels at CES 2014.

Watch both panels – “Next-Gen Game Consoles: The Only Set-Top Box You’ll Ever Need” with Marc, and “Five Trends Driving the Future of Gaming” with Albert – on CEA’s Website

The next-gen console panel explored how the game boxes of yesteryear have given way to today’s powerful entertainment systems. Topics of discussion included the growth of non-gaming entertainment experiences on consoles, including new features that allow for better discoverability and personalization on the TV. On the subject of gaming, expansion of social features was a hot topic, especially with regards to user generated content and broadcast capabilities for gamers. Discussing video clip sharing of gameplay, Marc commented, “It’s a great example of how the community takes this set of tools and does far richer things with them…and that’s where the real energy comes from.”

Speaking about next-gen consoles’ need to appeal to everyone in the house, Marc said, “The more we can make that content and that experience simple for everyone to use and give tools that just make it work for people, the more they’re drawn to it. So our vision with Xbox One is just that: how can we create a set of tools that let you feel like you’re in the control of your entertainment, that it’s personalized around you and that you can do great things with that – whether it’s talking with your friends, or playing a game, or playing a game while you’re watching some video with Machinima.”

The future of gaming panel took a closer look at trends in today’s gaming arena, focusing on the technology available today from the panelists. Discussing major elements shaping the future of the gaming industry, Albert commented, “Content is king. Having great game content is going to be just as important in the future as it has been [in the past].” Looking ahead, Albert added, “From a console perspective, the idea that a console is a single-purpose device is the past. The future is a multi-tasking customer – a device that does more than just gaming at home.”

The next-gen console panel included Ubisoft, Machinima and Twitch, all Xbox One partners. The future of gaming panel included leaders from Oculus VR, Gaikai and Rovio Entertainment Ltd.