Getting to Know Phil Spencer

You may not have known this, but Phil Spencer – the newly anointed Head of Xbox – has been with Microsoft for 26 years, starting as a software development intern, and working his way up toward one of the most strategically critical roles in the entire video game industry. Spencer has a long and rich hands-on development history, having worked on everything from “Fable” to “Rise of Nations.” Now, he’s putting that experience and that history to great use in driving the future of the Xbox brand.

In this video, Xbox Live’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb chats with Spencer in
his second interview with Major as the Head of Xbox about his history with the company, the now-classic games he’s had a hand in creating, his most memorable (magical, even!) moments at Microsoft, his favorite games, his vision for making Xbox One the best gaming console ever, and how he wants to help Microsoft change the world. It’s a new era for the Xbox team and it’s only going to get better.