WWE Pay-Per-View Rules Over the Weekend

WWE’s pay-per-view Extreme Rules promises mayhem, non-stop action and combat inside a locked cage. Xbox Wire offers this rundown of the spectacle:

WEELC Match (Pre-show): Hornswoggle v. El Torito
At one time, Hornswoggle was a leprechaun who was revealed to be the son of WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon. El Torito is a diminutive warrior who dresses up as a bull. We can’t make sense of it either, but this showdown allows its participants to use tables, ladders, and chairs to defeat their mortal enemy. As a bonus, this match can be viewed without a WWE Network subscription, via the WWE application as part of the Extreme Rules “pre-show.”

Divas Championship Match: Paige v. Tamina Snuka

Tamina Snuka is the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. Her opponent, Paige, recently won the WWE Divas Championship.

Handicap Match: R-Truth and Xavier Woods v. Alexander Rusev

This is referred to as a handicap match: Two versus one. But the one is Alexander Rusev, known affectionately as The Bulgarian Brute.

Triple Threat Match: Jack Swagger v. Cesaro v. Rob Van Dam

A triple threat match means Cesaro will get to use the wildly popular “Cesaro swing” maneuver on two separate people in one night. Jack Swagger and Cesaro are former teammates turned enemies, and both hate Van Dam as if it was their day job.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Big-E v. “Bad News” Wade Barrett
Bad News Barrett offers grim tidings for the fans of WWE, and for Intercontinental Champion Big-E. The good news: Barrett will likely get hit at some point during the match.

Steel Cage Match: John Cena v. Bray Wyatt
Steel cages are meant to keep WWE Superstars inside and their minions outside, but it seldom works that way. Expect Bray Wyatt’s followers to somehow bypass the cage’s many defenses to gain entrance, and attempt to foil John Cena’s elaborate revenge plot.

Six-Man Tag-Team Match: The Shield v. Evolution

The Shield is raging against the corporate machine that is Evolution, and this is the WWE equivalent of telling the boss he can cram it with walnuts. And then pummeling him with junk conveniently found underneath a ring.

Extreme Rules Match: Daniel Bryan v. Kane

Under Extreme Rules, there are no count-outs or disqualifications, and pinfalls and submissions can be recorded anywhere. Daniel Bryan (the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion) once formed a powerful tag-team with the villainous Kane as his partner, but now the two are mortal enemies with steel chairs in their hands. “Mayhem” barely hints at what should occur here.

Extreme Rules airs this Sunday, May 4 at 8:00 PM Eastern time. It’s accessible via the WWE application on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but requires subscriptions to both Xbox Live Gold and the WWE Network.