Sunset Overdrive Brings the Awesomepacalypse Machine to E3

E3 is a magical time. Every year, gamers the world over are treated to reveals of the hot new games they’ll soon be playing, the cutting-edge technology that will shape the future of gaming, and personalities both new and old. This year, however, is unique. This year, Xbox One fans will be getting a look at something truly special: a bus.

This is not just any bus, mind you. This bus has everything you could possibly want, from a steering wheel covered in years’ worth of duct tape to tires that have been lovingly “crafted into a shape with an infinite number of sides.” It’s even got fridge stocked full of the delicious, decidedly not-nutritious Overcharge Delirium XT that may or may not turn those who drink it into horrifying mutations.

That’s right, the fine folks at Insomniac Games are ready to deliver something the world has never seen before (and was probably never asking for in the first place). So, if you’re ready to see what happens when automotive design meets the colorful, over-the-top shooter “Sunset Overdrive,” just watch the amazing video above and prepare to have your mind blown.