Video For EA Busts Out a Bunch of New Titles at E3

EA Busts Out a Bunch of New Titles at E3

Making good on Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore’s promise that Electronic Arts would have plenty of new titles to show at its press conference, the publisher brought its game face – and lots of games – to its E3 presentation. Here’s the skinny on the titles that were rolled out and teased this morning.

“Dragon Age: Inquisition”
BioWare’s fantasy RPG reaches the new generation in a game that will allow players to “explore and discover with more freedom than ever before.” You play as the titular Inquisitor, a shadowy figure whose past and motivations are shrouded in mystery. You’ll assemble a team of heroes and lead them against the forces of evil, slaying enemies like fire-breathing hydras in real time or using the tactical camera for more of a turn-based flavor. The Inquisition begins October 7.

New “Mass Effect”
Though not many details were given, BioWare also showed prototype footage for the newest entry in their acclaimed sci-fi RPG series. The footage showed a new male hero of unknown race, face covered by his full-body suit, traipsing through unfamiliar areas. We don’t have a release date for this one yet, but everything already looks absolutely incredible.

“Madden NFL 15”
The legendary football franchise returns. More control over your plays and a redesigned tackling system will make it easier to zero in on the ball-carrier, and more player emotions will make the action feel more real. The victories will be sweeter – and the frustration more, well, frustrating – when you see the results on your players’ faces. You’ll be able to do so on August 26.

“FIFA 15”
EA’s going for stunning and immersive visuals this time out in the new iteration of its popular soccer series. “Feel the game” is its tagline, highlighting FIFA’s dedication to making you feel like you’re truly there in the field. It takes the pitch on September 26.

“EA Sports UFC”
Spar as Bruce Lee in this Ultimate Fighting Championship game. UFC’s Creative Director Brian Hayes has said “when you’re controlling Bruce Lee inside the Octagon, you feel like the dragon.” Earn your bruises on June 17.

“NHL 15”
EA’s venerable hockey series takes full advantage of the Xbox One’s capabilities, dishing out far more realistic rinks and player rendering. If you weren’t paying attention, you’d think it was a live game on the TV. September 9 is when the puck drops.

“PGA Tour 15”
The theme here is “golf without limits.” Powered by the Frostbite Engine 3, the game will sport the same degree of realism “Battlefield 4” players know and love. In fact, expect to see some of “Battlefield’s” ships near your courses. No joke: You can swing a ball over a battleship! When? On October 21, that’s when.


EA’s new fantasy-themed online battle arena focuses on a “flexible metagame.” (For you MOBA newbies, the metagame is all the high-level strategy that happens outside matches: building teams, equipping characters, etc.) That means more strategy in a world filled with rich lore that makes both the setting and its characters interesting. We don’t have a release date yet, but it’ll hopefully be soon.

Untitled Criterion Game
A new racing game from “Burnout” developers Criterion “moves beyond cars” with a wide diversity of vehicles. ATVs, helicopters, boats, parachutes, and wing suits are your disposal in this racing game, inspired by the vast amounts of first-person sports footage uploaded to YouTube. When you’re in a vehicle, you will be in the vehicle. No release date was revealed for this one, which isn’t surprising since it doesn’t even have a name yet.

“Mirror’s Edge 2”
The first-person action-adventure game is back with a sequel, and so is runner Faith with more parkour moves and a more open world. Though shown only in very early prototype, the game is promising more paths to reach your destination – whether you want to take the path of least resistance or go in fighting, the choice will be yours. No release date for this one either, unless you count “not soon enough.”

“Battlefield Hardline”
EA closed out its press conference with a game that’s way cooler than when you used to play cops and robbers as a kid. Team play, open battles, and destruction rule the day in Hardline – it’s more like a crime drama than a traditional shooter. Big, big multiplayer heists are just one of many scenarios where the good guys fight the bad guys…and it all comes with the trademark “Battlefield” scale, variety, and vehicles.