Get Even Will Make You Question Reality

From the moment we first loaded up “Get Even,” we were blown away. Developer Farm 51 has promised next-gen graphics, and they’re certainly delivering an incredible, photorealistic game that blurs the line between CG rendering and live action. Not content to simply make a gorgeous game, Farm 51 is using its talent to develop this mysterious first-person shooter into something that is about so much more than… well, shooting (but it’s got a ton of that, too).

According to “Get Even’s” lead designer Kamil Bilczyński, players have to ask themselves, “What is real?” A large part of “Get Even” revolves around a murder investigation that has you reliving memories, altering them, and getting clues that eventually help you solve the game’s many mysteries.

In our recent demo session, we found a room of corpses, deceased gunmen strewn about after a firefight, and an unrecognizable body.

This is where “Get Even” gets weird (and cool).

By jumping back in time via a subject’s memory, we were able to relive the firefight, moving through it while the scene played out in slow-motion – until we could get to our target and snap a photo of the victim before he was shot. Bilczyński teased the potential to relieve the memory again and again, making incremental progress until maybe – just maybe – we could actually save the victim.

Another thing that makes “Get Even” so interesting is that its multiplayer mode ties into the bigger picture. Two campaigns tell the same story from both sides of the battle; enemies that you encounter during your progression through one story might be actual players working through the
other story. Make no mistake: This is an intense, unforgiving game in all of the best ways.

“Get Even” is just one of the amazing games coming from ID@Xbox. It doesn’t come out until 2015, but believe us when we say that it will be worth the wait.