Big Action Launches on Xbox One Today with GoPro Channel

A few short months following the launch on Xbox 360, the GoPro Channel is now available* on Xbox One. GoPro on Xbox One gives Xbox Live members around the world access to epic action-adventure videos on the TV and is celebrating its launch with no less than four exclusive videos just for Xbox! The GoPro Channel also offers access to on-demand GoPro content, the ability to share videos and purchase cameras and equipment directly through the app channel.

To date, GoPro on Xbox 360 has been immensely popular and received nearly half a million downloads with users watching an average of 18 minutes of GoPro videos per viewing session worldwide and 30 minutes per viewing session in the U.S.

Not only are people watching videos, but GoPro owners are generating tons of content to share their stories and experiences with the world. User-generated content is huge on Xbox and is expected to continue to grow as GoPro joins other popular apps like YouTube and Twitch. The Xbox-GoPro relationship helps support GoPro’s initiative to grow content distribution and expand community reach worldwide, and we’re very excited to participate in these efforts with the launch on Xbox One.

We caught up with an athlete behind one of the Xbox exclusive videos to check out what he has to say about the launch on Xbox One below.

“Hi everyone, I’m Eli Gibson, a martial artist, a GoPro user, and an Xbox One fan from Portland, Oregon USA. As a child growing up in a Kung Fu family, I was an avid practitioner of spears, swords, staffs, and nunchuks, as well as a huge Hong Kong kung fu film fan. Though my focus in the martial arts and cinematic interests may have matured, when I got my first GoPro camera earlier this year I couldn’t help but relive the passions of my youth; I simply attached my GoPro camera to a bamboo staff with a pole mount and, returning to my old weapons skills, shot my own version of a Kung Fu movie. 

I’m stoked to be a part of the Xbox One GoPro Channel launch. GoPro cameras make shooting exciting, awesome videos easy for a regular guy like me, and the addition of this new platform makes viewing these fun clips all that more accessible. I look forward to all the amazing GoPro videos the Xbox community will be sharing here in the future.”

Here’s a tease of Eli’s kung fu skills in action.