Games with Gold: Get Your Flame On with Crimson Dragon

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Do you enjoy flying around on dragons, shooting bad guys, and gaining ultimate power? Of course you do! That’s why you should check out
Crimson Dragon, the stylish rail-shooter from Yukia Futatsugi, director of the beloved Panzer Dragoon games on the original Xbox. Even better, Panzer Dragoon Saga and Panzer Dragoon Orta composer Saori Kobayashi joins director Futatsugi to help recapture the beauty of those games’ aesthetic in an all-new adventure.

Featuring six different dragons and over 100 unlockable skills,
Crimson Dragon places the player in the shoes of a Seeker – who is immune to the devastating Crimsonscale virus that currently rocks the newly colonized planet Draco. The virus has wreaked havoc on the planet’s human population, and turned the local fauna (including most of the dragons) into vicious, aggressive beasts. Your job: Figure out what caused the virus, and protect the remaining humans against an onslaught of enraged beasts, using your trusty dragon companion.

Survival is the name of the game – while players are rewarded for spectacular takedowns and discovering hidden paths, the most important part of
Crimson Dragon’s challenging missions is simply making it to the end. With a little practice, you’ll be good to go – but if you need a little help, don’t despair; Crimson Dragon allows for A.I. wingmen to assist you. Even better, you can get help from two other real-life players in the game’s cooperative mode, if you need that extra oomph to get past a particularly challenging area.

Between fights, you’ll be able to feed your dragon items you’ve earned, and upgrade him based on your performance. This infuses
Crimson Dragon with a light role-playing element: While there are tons of upgrades, you’ll only be able to choose a certain number in any given playthrough, so customizing your dragons according to your play style is a good bit of fun.

You can spend your August on the back of a dragon locked in absolutely epic aerial combat, thanks to Games with Gold. Climb aboard!