Dungeon Crawl with Friends in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Multiplayer Mode

In addition to continuing one of gaming’s great fantasy RPG series, developer BioWare’s Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of our most anticipated Xbox One games. We were already excited for the single-player campaign (which BioWare has said will be massive), but now the pot’s gotten even sweeter with today’s announcement of a cooperative dungeon crawling multiplayer mode. This marks the first time gamers can play with their friends in the Dragon Age franchise. The multiplayer mode in Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature action-packed four player cooperative quests separate from the single player open world story.

“For Dragon Age: Inquisition, a special team of veteran developers from the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises created fun, fast-paced multiplayer gameplay that requires strategic teamwork on top of Inquisition’s party-based combat and extensive loot and crafting system,” said Aaryn Flynn, General Manager, BioWare. “It was early in the game’s development that we realized how much fun fans of our series were having, with so many players teaming up in Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer mode. We can’t wait to give Dragon Age fans an even bigger and deeper experience.”

In Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer mode, four players will team up across a range of multiplayer quests and objectives, exploring intricate dungeons and vanquishing all who oppose them. While dungeon-crawling, players will collect loot, salvage items, craft new weapons and armor, and unlock new characters. At launch, players will be able to unlock up to twelve characters across the three Inquisition classes of Legionnaire, Reaver and Mage, each playing a different and strategic role in multiplayer combat. Multiplayer in Dragon Age: Inquisition is a standalone experience from the open world story players will embark in the main game, and will not have an impact on single player progression or story.

For those Dragon Age fans attending PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend, you’ll have the chance to be amongst the first to try out Dragon Age: Inquisition’s multiplayer mode, Just swing by the Xbox booth at the convention center to give it a whirl for yourself. Can’t make it to the show? Be sure to check back for our hands-on impressions early next week. 

We’ll be bringing you much more on
Dragon Age: Inquisition leading up to the game’s November 18 release date.