Predicting the Season with Madden NFL 15’s Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 15, the hottest sports game of the year, dropped this week. And what better way to celebrate this week of Madden awesomeness then by taking it all the way in Franchise mode, and deciding who’s truly the best team? We should note that this is a largely unscientific, completely haphazard prediction that should not be taken seriously by, well, anyone.  

Mid-season Check-in

No big surprises here: The current state of the NFL has frontrunners in nearly every division. The Patriots, Seahawks, Broncos, and Saints all look strong. On top of that, you’ve got the Vikings and the Redskins, looking to erase last season’s disappointing performances… and prove that their running backs aren’t too old, nor the quarterbacks too young and inconsistent to compete in this league.

Then you get to the AFC North, where there’s a four way tie for mediocrity. What are you doing, Steelers and Ravens? Get it together!

End of Regular Season

If our Franchise Mode simulation of Madden NFL 15 is any indicator (and, again, it really isn’t), this is going to be an interesting and strange season of football.

Just look at these AFC standings:

Did anyone expect the Chargers at the top of that list? Neither did we! But it looks like Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates still got it. Division powerhouses Patriots and Broncos are right on San Diego’s heels, though – so the Bolts have a tough post-season ahead of them.

Things get even crazier when you look at the NFC:

Oh hey, what’s up, Seahawks and Saints? Good to see you again, welcome to the… whoa Vikings, Redskins, and Cardinals, how did you get in here!? It’s like underdog city up in the NFC. Minnesota upped its defensive game, Washington learned how to score touchdowns, and, like last year, the Cardinals flew in under everyone’s radar (like that bird joke?).


Unfortunately, the ragtag stories quickly came to an end in the post-season, as the scrappy teams are crushed by the giants of the NFL (not the New York Giants; we mean the good teams).

The “wake-us-up-we’re-dreaming” Chargers manage to take down the Broncos, but turn around and get knocked out by the Patriots, who came off of a 33-0 win over Houston. Even the losses are bigger in Texas!

On the other side, the Seahawks triumph over their bitter rivals, the 49ers – only to lose by four lousy points to the Saints in the next round. Bye bye, birdies.

But there’s no time to cry, Seattle fans; we’re off to the big game in Arizona!

The Final Showdown – Saints at Patriots

Here are two teams that are no strangers to the Lombardi Trophy, though it’s the first time they’ve been up against each other for the title.

With both teams boasting considerable offense and defensive skills, we’re sure to get a close, well fought game that…

Oops, never mind! Guess it’ll be a bit one sided. Apparently, after losing their last two appearances in the big game, it looks like the Patriots are out for blood.

And there you have it;
Madden NFL 15 predicts that Tom Brady will embarrass Drew Brees in front of hundreds of millions of people. Don’t like that ending? You can make your own by picking up your copy of Madden NFL 15 for Xbox One, and simming a season all your own!