Having Fun with Minecraft: Xbox One Edition’s Animals

Minecraft is awesome, because it allows you to do pretty much whatever you want. And when it comes to animals, there are a ton of options that go well beyond just breeding them and using them to collect resources. You should definitely try these out in the brand-spanking-new Minecraft: Xbox One Edition.

Create a moat of cats to keep the Creepers at bay. Unlike everyone on the Internet, Creepers hate cats. So, they’ll super-hate dozens of them patrolling your home like meowing security guards.

Build an army of tamed wolves, so that they can take care of those nasty spiders… because you’re not going near those things. It’s cool, we know you’re not afraid of spiders. They just squick you out; it doesn’t make you a wimp. Those wolves will chomp them all to bits, though, so don’t fret.

Use dyes and crossbreeding to get all 16 colors of sheep, then meticulously organize them into color-coded pens like a weird, living, bleating painter’s easel. Make sure you don’t forget teal. Teal sheep are in this season.

Create an enormous supervillain-style aquarium in your base and fill it with squid, because squid are the only water animals in the game. You can put horses in there, too, but they don’t turn into seahorses… they just drown.

Get two ocelots, and bring them around to everyone’s nice towns and restaurants and let them run amok. Salvador Dali did that all the time, and that dude was awesome.

Do what this guy did: build an endless meat fountain that drops a bunch of cows and pigs, making them splatter on the ground. The five-second rule doesn’t apply in Minecraft; all that hot floor meat is still good!

Recreate the dystopian allegorical farm from the 1945 George Orwell novel Animal Farm, and pontificate about the dangers of Stalinism. Relive the epic arguments between Napoleon and Snowball! Witness the tragedy of Boxer’s inaction!

Minecraft is whatever you want to make of it. And with Minecraft: Xbox One Edition, you’ll be able to get as crazy as you please on your favorite console.