Want in on Evolve’s Big Alpha? We’ve Got You Covered

We already love Evolve, and have previously raved about it in our E3 and Comic-Con previews – but now that we’ve gotten the chance to play it multiple times, we’re starting to realize how awesome Evolve is as a deeper experience. That’s why we’re so excited to share today’s announcement that not only will Evolve’s “Big Alpha” be launching 24 hours early exclusively on Xbox One beginning October 30, but that you will have a great chance to get in to play the game for yourself.

The first step is heading over to the official Evolve “Big Alpha” on Xbox One registration page to fill out all of your various details, including your email address and date of birth. Once you’re done with that, all you need to do is drop the following codes into their corresponding fields:

Referral Code: Xbox4VOne

Registration Code: 44549-09164-02289

All done? Great! You can keep refreshing your inbox until your “Big Alpha” code shows up (sometime before the 30th), but your time would be much better spent reading about our time with Evolve at PAX last month.

While Evolve obviously draws comparisons to developer Turtle Rock Studios’ other multiplayer treat, Left 4 Dead, we’ve found that Evolve feels more like some other class-based shooters. Part of what made Left 4 Dead an accessible multiplayer game was that you didn’t have to spend time customizing full loadouts and character skill trees, something that can be a sticking point for people who aren’t really into multiplayer games. But Turtle Rock has shown that it knows how to get players into games quickly.

The barrier to entry in Left 4 Dead was low – and Evolve takes that streamlined idea, then expands on it with multiple character classes. Each character is fully loaded with unique skills and weapons, and players have the freedom to pick and choose. The idea is that players can select whomever they want, without getting stuck in a situation where only one character type is left, (so, in other words, you never get stuck having to play that guy).

The tone in Evolve feels very different from most multiplayer games. Because it’s team-based – but with so few players – it creates a more intimate feeling. You’re not fighting off hordes of undead; you’re looking for one beast. You’re not competing against a whole team of players across the Internet; you’re part of a more focused challenge. And the rounds are shorter than most multiplayer games we see, keeping everything fast-paced, and giving you more freedom for your social gaming sessions.

Much like Left 4 Dead, you’ll also know exactly why you lost in Evolve. Whether you strayed too far and got taken out by an alien crocodile, or just couldn’t stop the Kraken from messing up your generator, there’s a lesson to be learned in each loss – and you come back better, smarter, and stronger. As your team adapts and learns, you’ll find yourself working together better, chaining your combos, and sticking close. It feels really good to come back after a loss, and wreck some monster that thought he could fool you twice.

When it’s your turn to be the monster, Evolve shows its true longevity. Playing as the monster is like a cathartic palate cleanser, a change of pace that helps to keep the entire experience fresh and vibrant. If you’re playing with the same group of friends, you take turns as the monster, keeping the experience fresh and challenging – and that’s with just one type of monster. Turtle Rock Studios confirmed that Evolve will feature three playable monsters at launch, with the potential for more downloadable content over time.

As of now, we’ve only seen a fraction of what Evolve has to offer. But our demo alone was so addicting, so engrossing, and so awesomely badass that we’re itching to play it again when the “Big Alpha” rolls around at the end of the month. See you on the battlefield!