Video For Go Behind The Scenes As Sunset Overdrive’s Over The Top Weapons Are Brought To Life

Go Behind The Scenes As Sunset Overdrive’s Over The Top Weapons Are Brought To Life

Xbox and the team at Insomniac Games are bringing out the big guns with Sunset Overdrive, aiming to make carnage fun for gamers again. Where conventional shooter games are all about gloomy realism and plodding cover mechanics, Sunset Overdrive dunks itself in irreverence and high-velocity action.

One of the more entertaining features of the game are
Sunset Overdrive’s wild weapons. From guns that launch tiny revolver-toting drone helicopters to traps that release homicidal garden gnomes, Sunset Overdrive is all about exploding the rules.

In the new interactive site Walter’s Workshop, the game’s unreal mayhem is brought to real life and eager gamers can select a real life replica Sunset Overdrive weapon, choose a target or enemy, and watch the explosions ensue. Fans can also replay the action in super-slow-motion and view 360-degree panorama models of each of the weapons.

Among the weapons brought to life are the TNTeddy, a grenade launcher style weapon that fires Teddy bears strapped with dynamite; the Roman Candle, a handgun that shoots fireworks from a hacksaw; the Pyro Geyser, which spews 12-ft. flames into unsuspecting foes; and then there’s the Hack N Slay, a set of giant spinning blades mounted to a patio table.

Users simply click on a big red FIRE button and see everything from an upright piano to a mindless mutant get obliterated on their computer screen or mobile device.

Check it out here:

After you get a taste of the madness, check out this behind the scenes video which shows how they brought the mayhem to life and be sure to grab
Sunset Overdrive when it hits stores on Oct. 28.