Minecraft: Xbox One Edition Hits Retail Shelves in North and South America Today

In celebration of the retail release of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition in North and South America today –rolling out to all regions globally by Dec. 1 – we’ve decided to share some of our favorite Xbox-inspired builds the talented community of 15 million Minecraft fans on Xbox Live have cooked up. 

If you haven’t downloaded
Minecraft for Xbox One yet, pick up a copy at your local retailer for $19.99 (USD) and see if you can top these creations. 

This 1/8 scale Pillar of Autumn is awesome. The utterly massive, dozens-of-millions-of-brick build looks big enough to take down any and all Halos (
original source).

Nothing more reassuring than a giant
Gears of War logo hovering over the entire country. At least it keeps all the Locusts away!

You know, we take that back. That red skull is way more reassuring than this guy. He’ll kill you with cuteness… and that chainsaw.

Check out this incredible playable map of Zanzibar, from
Halo 2 – it took the creator over two months to complete.

All you
Fable II fans should recognize this beautifully recreated Bowerstone Market.

meets Minecraft. Golem inbound!

Sunset Overdrive is already cool enough to get the Minecraft treatment!

We love this gigantic
Halo ring… except for that part where those things destroy the planet!

Minecraft world gets a whole lot more awesome when Sunset Overdrive’s Fizzie is in it!

You can spot Fizzie hovering over this cool Sunset City-inspired build. You can even blow him up like the guys at Insomniac Games did!

And finally, some people just can’t get enough Fizzie in their life… so they created custom skins over the Overcharge mascot.

Special thanks to
Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Forum, and Minecrastinate for bringing attention to these amazing Xbox-themed builds. Test your own creative prowess on Minecraft: Xbox One Edition!