Video For Play Evolve’s Open Beta, Exclusively on Xbox One

Play Evolve’s Open Beta, Exclusively on Xbox One

Excited for Turtle Rock Studios’ and 2K Games’ upcoming man-versus-monster multiplayer shooter Evolve? Well, here’s a sweet new trailer showing off the game’s all-new ethereal, inky Wraith monster. And we’ve got some big news that you’ll love: The Evolve multiplayer beta is available exclusively on Xbox One this January – and it’s open to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account!

Starting on January 15, you’ll be able to play
Evolve’s Hunt game mode, wherein a group of – you guessed it – hunters team up to take down a dangerous monster before time runs out. Four players take on the role of the hunters, and one player straps on the monster’s slimy shoes, with the goal of transforming their adversaries from “hunters” to “hunted.” This open beta version of Hunt includes two playable monsters (Goliath and Kraken), as well as eight hunters, along with 12 playable maps.

On January 17, you can get your hands on the Evacuation mode for the very first time. This mode presents a series of dynamic missions that stretch out over the course of five days, challenging players to vote on – and then fulfill – a set of procedurally generated goals within the given time frame. Evacuation combines an array of maps and modes to create
Evolve’s most epic multiplayer experience.

Just in case you don’t think this deal is sweet enough already, any hunter or monster characters you unlock during the multiplayer open beta will carry over when
Evolve launches on February 10. So get yourself an Xbox Live Gold account (if you don’t have one already), and prepare for some tense cat-and-mouse action when the Evolve multiplayer open beta launches on January 15, exclusively for Xbox One.