Video For Five Reasons We’re Loving Dying Light

Five Reasons We’re Loving Dying Light

Dying Light is the newest zombie-apocalypse survival game from developer Techland, known for the Dead Island series. Dying Light builds upon both the open-world and zombie genres, giving gamers innovative takes on some of the most prevalent themes in gaming. Here are just some of the reasons Dying Light has our hearts racing.

Day and Night Bring Different Challenges
One of the cool things about Dying Light is that the world and the creatures that inhabit it change at night. During the day, you’re the hunter – killing the slow, shuffling zombies, gathering supplies as you go. But at night the zombies become faster and more aggressive. And an even darker danger lurks in the shadows. Night isn’t just a flavor element of the world; it’s a struggle that you have to survive.

Co-Op Mode So You Can Watch Your Friends Die
The four player co-op mode gives you the opportunity to team up and survive together. Of course, any good zombie movie involves your team getting picked off and killed one-by-one, so don’t get too attached to your besties.

Free-running Makes Us Feel Badass, Even When We’re Not Killing the Undead
We’ve never seen a zombie game with the freedom of movement that Dying Light offers. You’re effectively an amateur parkour enthusiast with some serious jump: Running across rooftops, leaping over obstacles, and sliding become effective tools for both hunting and fleeing from the hordes of creatures coming for you, and it feels awesome.

The Night Hunter Lets Us Invade Other Players’ Games
Every time night falls, a human-controlled creature called the Night Hunter invades your game. For those seven minutes of darkness, you need to either avoid or fight this beast. A challenge for a group and practically a death wish if you’re solo, the Night Hunter keeps you on your toes, reminding you that nothing is ever safe in the city of Harran.

Freedom of Play
Dying Light can be played in a variety of ways, and it’s up to you to decide how you want to complete your objectives. Do you get in close with melee weapons… or stay back and use firearms, knowing the noise will attract more zombies? Which groups of survivors are friendly, and who do you need to take out to ensure your survival? These are all choices you’ll have to make yourself.

Dying Light is out now for Xbox One. Get ready to run!