The Five Biggest Reasons We’re Loving Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios’ asymmetrical multiplayer shooter Evolve was the most highly anticipated game of 2015 so far – and now that it’s out, we’ve been diving into it, teeth bared and guns blazing. There’s a ton to love in Evolve, so check out why we’re going crazy for monster-hunting (and Hunter-hunting).

Beating Monsters Feels Like Winning Boss Mode Battles
In Hunt, the main mode of Evolve, winning as one of the four Hunters is a feat. It’s an accomplishment that is followed by a gasp of air, and the realization that we were holding our breath during those final, climactic moments. The stakes are so high in every moment that – win or lose – it all feels very intense.

Playing as the Monster Feels Amazing
Being the monster in Evolve is a special feeling – it simultaneously creates vulnerability and empowerment. Fleeing from the Hunters, and using stealth and trickery to evade them until you can eat enough prey to grow and change, makes for an entirely new experience. And when you reach that sweet third level of evolution, becoming an unstoppable killing machine, it’s an altogether kick-ass experience.

Each Character Feels Unique
Evolve features four character classes for the Hunters, and under each class are three unique characters. Even though they’re in the same class, each character comes with his or her own unique abilities and skills, making them all feel fully realized. And, because you have to master each character to unlock the next one, the complexities of second- and third-tier characters become more noticeable. We’ve got our favorites, and we’re sure you’ll have yours.

Different Game Modes Make a Simple Concept Feel Grander
There are three distinct modes in Evolve: Hunt, Defend, and Evacuation. Each one plays completely differently, presenting unique challenges and rewards. While you’re bound to pick a favorite, we relished switching between the modes, maxing out our skills, learning the nuances of each character, and raining down destruction on our foes.

It’s Always Evolving
We know that it probably seems obvious from the name, but the “evolving” portion of Evolve is about so much more than just the monsters in it. Because of the numerous Hunters and monsters, every combination feels like a different experience, and every game mode is unique. Our experience with Evolve this week has grown and changed, and likewise we adapted – becoming better and more efficient. It’s an exciting feeling for a video game.

Evolve is out now on Xbox One. Don’t delay: Grab a copy, grab your friends, and go take down some monsters!