Killer Instinct Community Fund Raises $100,000 for Tournaments, Shadow Jago to Become a Full Character

The Killer Instinct team would like to extend a big thank you to our community, who raised $100,000 in tournament funding in less than 72 hours!

On April 29 when we launched our newest character, Cinder, we also announced that 100 percent of digital purchases in
Killer Instinct would go directly into a tournament fund, up to $100,000 or until May 14. Fans blew us away by helping us meet our goal faster than we had imagined, and we’re happy to announce that we’re contributing to a number of tournament prize pots, including a $50,000 prize pot at EVO, with the remainder distributed across a number of online and offline tournaments, such as CEO and Combo-Breaker, coming up on May 22 in Chicago, IL.

To celebrate the crowdfunding effort, we also released the Shadow Jago character in a special Community Bundle. Shadow Jago had only been available on Xbox One at launch and is something our players have been asking for. To thank our fans for helping us meet our $100,000 goal, we are developing Shadow Jago as a real character later this year – complete with his own move set, balanced for competitive play!

Killer Instinct
players can still purchase Shadow Jago as part of the Community Bundle for $19.99 until May 14.

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