Fear Your Shadow in Killer Instinct

Tired of your friends avoiding you online because they know you’re going to serve them a tasty 54-hit Ultra? With today’s free Killer Instinct update, the new Shadows Mode ensures that your friends have nowhere to hide!
Shadows Mode makes KI the first fighting game ever to create asynchronous copies that you can train to fight exactly like you…on your best day! They do the same combos, the same footsies, the same mix-ups and even make all of the same mistakes.

You’re available for combat 24/7 thanks to the Shadow Engine that watches and analyzes how you play and respond in every fighting scenario. With a touch of pressing the ‘Save Shadow Data’ button, it uploads the analyzed data into your Shadow character’s brain so that it will act exactly the same way you do. Once you have a Shadow created, it’s truly eye-opening when you spar against yourself, and is a great way to find the strengths and flaws of your game! 

Playing your friends whenever you want is core to Shadows Mode. The other fun thing is earning Shadow Points and making your Shadow rise to the top of your Leaderboards. After you select a character to make a Shadow from (Season 1 characters, TJ Combo and Maya will be Shadow-enabled at launch), you’ll be able to access a slew of modes where you strive to rack up as many Shadow Points as possible: 

Shadow Survival – Quickly experience fighting styles from the community and create rivalries with people you’ve never known. Earn Shadow Points and issue Bounties to players you’ve beaten to encourage them to avenge their loss!

Shadow Challenge– Directly challenge someone’s Shadow to win Shadow Points. The bigger the fish, the bigger the payoff!

Shadow Leaderboards – Brand new Leaderboards just for this mode. Sort the best Shadows by character type and find the top Shadow Survival scores to see who’s on top!

Shadow Data– Dive deeper into your Shadow’s Brain and learn how the system has analyzed you and replicated how you play. You can also see how many recordings you have, and even Spar against your Shadow.

With Shadows, we’re excited to usher in an era of always being able to play who you want, when you want. We’re really excited about how this changes Killer Instinct and we hope you are too.