Video For Pre-Order Rare Replay Today!

Pre-Order Rare Replay Today!

Starting today, veteran gamers and newcomers alike can pre-order a copy of Rare Replay on or directly from the Xbox dashboard. Releasing this summer as part of the greatest games lineup in Xbox history, Rare Replay is one of the most anticipated collection of games exclusively on Xbox One.

Iconic adventures, such as brawling with the Battletoads or grabbing Jiggies with Banjo and Kazooie, are just a handful of gaming moments Rare released over the last few decades – and 30 of its memorable games will be playable in Rare Replay.

See how many characters you recognize in the new Rare Replay video above and check out the full list of games included on

Longtime fans who have dedicated time to the Xbox 360 titles will be able to take existing saved progress and achievements tied to their profile and carry everything over onto Xbox One. From there, they can begin earning points on games with no previous gamerscore and unlock additional exclusive features and interviews.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Rare’s adventures, eager players can look forward to Rare Replay’s all-new snapshot challenges, exclusive bonus features, and 10,000 gamerscore when the game releases on August 4.

That’s 30 years of Rare Ltd. celebrating a collection of 30 games for $29.99 US (€29.99 / £19.99 / $49.95 AU) exclusively on Xbox One starting August 4.