gamescom 2015: Play with Ultimate Destruction in Crackdown 3

Are you ready to become a super-powered Agent of justice? Ready to explore the heights of a futuristic city, race through streets in a transforming vehicle, and use some amazing abilities to tear apart a ruthless criminal empire? 

Well, you’d better get ready… Crackdown 3 has just been unveiled and it’s an Xbox One exclusive like no other – a sandbox of mayhem and destruction featuring an open-world campaign that you’ll be able to play cooperatively online, and a revolutionary new cloud-powered multiplayer mode where destruction is your ultimate weapon.

Honoring the classic, open-world Crackdown experience adored by fans, Crackdown 3 is bringing you a 4-person co-operative campaign enhanced with a new dynamic story, cutting-edge weapons and vehicles, enemies you’ll love to hate – and of course, tons of orbs to collect!

Crackdown 3
will also deliver a groundbreaking competitive multiplayer mode, where everything is physical thanks to the Microsoft Cloud. Harness 20 times the power of your Xbox One to unleash 100 percent destructible environments for the first time ever in gaming and create your own explosive stories in the process.

Developed by Dave Jones and his UK-based studio Reagent Games – the minds behind the original
Crackdown and Grand Theft Auto fans can begin their Agency Training in Crackdown 3 multiplayer in Summer of 2016.

Whether you play
Crackdown 3 for its entirely new campaign or its revolutionary multiplayer, one thing is for sure: you’ll never look at an open-world experience the same way again!