Tips for Surviving Dying Light: The Following

It takes skill, ingenuity, and a touch of luck to stay among the breathing in the grim, zombie-infested world of Dying Light: The Following. This awesome expansion adds many deadly facets to the core gameplay, and a massive new stretch of terrain to explore from behind the wheel of your all-terrain buggy. With even more ways to get dismembered, smashed, consumed, gored, blasted, and torn asunder, we’ve cooked up some handy survival tips for staying alive as you explore this deliciously doomed post-apocalyptic zombiescape.

1) Stockpile gas, and start scavenging junk for your buggy ASAP

Your buggy is a vital tool for getting across the sprawling map quickly, and it’s also great for killing zombies once you’ve weaponized it with a few of the game’s more powerful upgrades. Working to keep your ride running and in good shape is a must, though, since car parts degrade over time and gasoline is a scarce commodity. Take the extra time to make pit stops to siphon gas from the vehicles strewn about the countryside. Abandoned gas stations and old warehouses are good places to scavenge junk to craft parts, too. Trust us: You don’t want to run out of fuel or have a breakdown in the middle of an important mission… or when you’re being chased by a mob of angry undead.

2) Hunker down at night

When the sun goes down, the game’s deadliest inhabitants crawl out from their dark pits to say hello. If you’re keen to avoid an untimely demise, it’s best to avoid nocturnal exploration (granted, the risk of venturing out after dark can be a thrill on its own). Using beds at safe zones lets you skip nightfall altogether, which is helpful when you’re in the middle of trying to complete an objective. The risk of being ripped apart is worth facing, however, if you’re on the hunt to take down a pesky hive of infected. They empty out at night, giving you a chance to sneak in and take down the few stragglers to clear it out for good.

3) On foot, the grappling hook is your best friend

Despite The Following‘s new emphasis on motorized travel, you’ll find ample reason to hop out and explore on foot. For that, the grappling hook can be a lifesaver for diving into an unavoidable mess, getting what you need quickly, and then zipping upwards to safer ground before the throng presses in.

4) Practice driver safety 101

We’re not going to lie: It’s an absolute blast to put the speed on, and just barrel through masses of undead… and anything else that gets in the way. But reckless driving, especially in some of the more obstacle-stacked sections of the map, will wreck your buggy in short order. The more things you slam into, the greater the chance of damaging key systems and junking your ride. After that, you’ll be stuck either limping along at 10 mph, or walking virtual miles until you can get back to civilization and scavenge items to rebuild parts with.

5) Don’t venture too far from your ride in when in unfamiliar territory

Speaking of pedestrian traffic, it’s wise to keep tabs on your buggy and avoid leaving it too far behind. This is unavoidable in some regions, but running to your ride when you’re mobbed is a great approach for avoiding certain doom. It cuts down on travel time in a big way, too, which is useful when you’re gunning to tackle a tough mission before nightfall.

6) Clear out safe houses STAT

If you’re venturing deep into unexplored territory, always be sure to clear out any safe houses that you stumble upon. Seriously – it can be a tough slog in some of the more grisly spots that are overrun with infected, but it’s better to have a local spawn point to return to, rather than getting slain and having to travel large stretches of the map to resume your progress.

7) Keep quiet and carry on (with a crossbow)

Clanking around and making loud noises is a quick way to get the attention of your hungry neighbors, so guns – as satisfying as they are to use – aren’t always the best approach when stealth is an option. Earning enough cred with the local cultists will unlock the crossbow, which is an awesome tool for staying lethal while remaining off the zombie radar. It’s also perfect for infiltration and takedown missions, where you’re facing larger forces of unpleasant dudes toting big guns.

Get in on all the post-zombie-apocalypse fun now – Dying Light: The Following is available now for current Dying Light owners on as part of the game’s season pass or as standalone downloadable content. For those who have yet to pick up Dying Light make sure to grab the complete Enhanced Edition package, which gets you the base game plus all the available bonus content, including Be the Zombie, Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, The Bozak Horde and The Following.