Games with Gold March Hero

Shake Off the Winter Chill with March’s Games with Gold

Four all-new titles come to Games with Gold in March, bringing you a little bit of every genre, to help shake off some of that winter chill. Xbox One gamers, remember that thanks to backward compatibility on your new consoles, you can play all four titles, completely free, when they release on Games with Gold.

You’ve got two Xbox One games this month: graphic adventure Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments and action-RPG Lords of the Fallen. On Xbox 360, the acclaimed real-time strategy title Supreme Commander 2 makes its first appearance on Games with Gold, and multi-award-winning, open-world, role-playing shooter Borderlands (yes, the one that started it all!) rounds out the March title offering.

As usual, all games are available only for a limited time, as part of the ongoing Games with Gold program, so sign up now to get in on the action!

* Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment ($29.99 ERP): Available from March 1-31 on Xbox One

* Lords of the Fallen ($39.99 ERP): Available from March 16-April 15 on Xbox One

* Supreme Commander 2 ($29.99 ERP): Available from March 1-15 on Xbox 360

* Borderlands ($19.99 ERP): Available from March 16-31 on Xbox 360

If you’ve ever wanted to take on the mantle of the world’s greatest detective, but didn’t want to start smoking a pipe, your opportunity has come! Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, from acclaimed adventure game masters Frogwares, comes to Games with Gold in March for the Xbox One. It puts you at the helm of some of Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson’s greatest adventures, and you’ll have to use your wits to get to the bottom of dastardly mysteries, but you’ll also need to make difficult moral choices along the way. Written in the style of Holmes’ creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Crimes and Punishments gives players freedom to choose whether to enforce justice by-the-book, or bend the rules to get the results their way – but don’t expect the story to turn out just the way you want it to! No matter what you choose, you’ll face plenty of twists and turns in this excellent, story-rich adventure.

And if you’re into adventures, you’ll find that Lords of the Fallen has plenty to offer when you’re ready to switch gears. Take on the role of Harkyn, condemned criminal, on a journey to absolve himself of his crimes and avert a massive war, in a world of dark fantasy. Lords of the Fallen is a dark fantasy epic, putting players in situations where they must face off against heavy odds, and overcome through a combination of grit, reflexes, cleverness, and properly building and equipping their characters. If you like a challenge, you’ll love what Lords of the Fallen has to offer.

Of course, Games with Gold also has great titles in March for the Xbox 360 (and backward compatibility on the Xbox One!), starting with the massive, world-spanning strategy title Supreme Commander 2. This one puts you in charge of a massive army and logistical structure – your job is to build, expand, maneuver, and destroy your enemy in a huge variety of scenarios. Requiring a combination of strategic thinking, tactical acumen, and some quick moves with the thumb sticks, Supreme Commander 2 is unlike nearly anything you’ll play on a game console: It truly challenges you the way a general of a vast army fighting for survival would be challenged. Massive battles spanning sea, air, and land are all on the menu – so get ready to think globally and act like a badass.

Speaking of badass: The final title in March is one that kicked off a very beloved series, Borderlands. Part shooter, part role-playing game, part insane hilarious story, this raucous romp puts players onto the desert world of Pandora and lets them fend for themselves. Surviving is just part of the fun, though, as you’ll spend time scoring fabulous loot, uncovering the mystery of just how certain mega-galactic corporations came to dominate on Pandora, and – oh yeah – a little robot named Claptrap might have some role to play in the whole thing, too (but we don’t want to give too much away!). Trust us, this game is fun of the highest order. Don’t miss it while it’s free!

Don’t miss any of these titles while they’re free! Because, sadly, like everything in life: Games with Gold titles don’t stick around forever. Check out the full details on our Games with Gold program, and make sure you get in on the action while you can!

* Titles are available as free downloads for a limited time, for qualifying paid Xbox Live Gold members in all markets where Xbox Live is available. Some regions may offer different titles depending on market availability. See Major Nelson’s blog for additional details.