Announcing the [email protected] Game Fest!

We’re very proud of the progress that we’ve made with the [email protected] program, which enables qualified game developers of all sizes to unleash their creativity by self-publishing digital games on Xbox One and Windows 10 with Xbox Live. Today, to celebrate the amazing success and bright future of [email protected], we’re kicking off the [email protected] Game Fest – a month-long celebration that’s designed to show off the breadth of amazing content offered by independent developers on Xbox One.

“Since the days of the original Xbox, I have been a huge fan of independent games that bring us incredibly creative and unique experiences you just cannot find anywhere else,” said Aaron Greenberg, General Manager of Product Marketing, Xbox. “The innovation of great games coming from developers in the [email protected] program is incredible, from big hits like ARK: Survival Evolved and Rocket League, to discovering totally new experiences like Oxenfree, The Flame in the Flood, and Superhot.”

Each week in May, we’ll be highlighting a new batch of very special games, including some brand-new releases that we’re super-excited to show you. Each week’s selection of [email protected] titles will feature a specific theme, along with additional creator spotlight content and special discounts for our fans. Here’s a tease of what each week will bring.

May 3-9: Discover. [email protected] has hosted a number of memorable, outside-the-box games, like The Park, Beyond Eyes, and Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. And that’s just the start. It’s time to broaden your horizons – discover new experiences, new creators, and new ways to play!

May 10-16: Play for Free. Everyone loves free stuff, and Xbox One is home to many top-notch free-to-play titles, such as Smite, Warframe, and ROBLOX. We’ll show you some of the best games from independent developers that you can play for free right now, to get the most bang for your non-buck.

May 17-23: What’s Next. The Xbox Game Preview program has already featured a number of acclaimed titles, including Layers of Fear (which has since graduated to a full release!), The Long Dark, and The Solus Project. We’ve got more games coming to the program, and this is your chance to get early access to tomorrow’s future indie hits, engage with developers, and help shape the next wave of awesome games

May 24-30: Best of [email protected]. Finally, we’ve got some great deals on some of the best [email protected] games and bundles. Most of these indie standouts need no introduction – we’re talking stuff like Rocket League, Rogue Legacy, The Escapists, and The Banner Saga. If you’ve never experienced them, we’re going to be offering you plenty of incentive to pick some of these modern classics.

“The last year has been awesome for [email protected] developers. Just recently, [email protected] devs occupied four of the top five slots on both the Top Paid and Top Free charts on Xbox One, which is pretty rad! It’s amazing to be able to celebrate some of the successes developers have had with the [email protected] Game Fest, and I’m also really excited to be able to resurface some really great games that I hope people will take the time to check out, such as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime and Lifeless Planet,” said Chris Charla, Head of [email protected] “Looking at the titles we’re featuring in the [email protected] Game Fest, it’s hard to believe so many great titles have come through [email protected] over the past couple of years. I’m stoked to go back and replay some of these titles, and check out any gems I may have missed!”

Check back here this Tuesday, May 3, for more details on what’s in store for our first week of the [email protected] Game Fest – and keep your eyes on Xbox Wire throughout the month for all kinds of content that highlights how awesome all of our independent developers (and their games!) are!