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The Demons of Doom: Then and Now

The original Doom blasted onto the scene in 1994, in an era where 3D gaming was in its infancy and almost no one had dedicated graphics cards in their PCs. Nevertheless, the designers at id Software squeezed terror and menace out of every single pixel. Now, with the launch of the new Doom, graphic technology allows artists to lovingly render every horn and tooth and trail of slime. But many of the new game’s enemies are still recognizable from their initial incarnations. So let’s take a look at how some of the monsters from the original games have evolved.

Lost Soul

Old: As one of the few flying enemies in the game, these flaming skulls were pesky in small numbers and potentially deadly in groups. They certainly looked somewhat menacing, but not as much as…

Lost Souls Inline 1

New: This. These nasties may not look so bad, but if more than one or two sneaks past your defenses, they will mess you up.

Lost Souls inline 2

Baron of Hell

Old: These projectile-flinging jerks certainly made for a challenge in the original games, but you wouldn’t flee screaming out of the room if one – or even a couple – walked in. But now?

Baron of Hell Old 1

New: Holy mother of god, run.

Baron of Hell New 1


Old: A floating blob that always looked faintly comical, the Cacodemon was one of the original game’s most iconic enemies. Mainly because they were so very much tougher than they looked.

Cacodemon Old

New: Nope, no comedy here. Just raw, floating, toothsome menace.

Cacodemon New


Old: A skeleton with shoulder-mounted rockets, you say? That sounds… ominous. And even in its 1994-era spritely glory, it looked just as ominous. And that shriek!

Revenant Old

New: Want to know what’s more ominous than a rocket-skeleton? A rocket-skeleton with a jet pack.

Revenant New


Old: Ewww. As if this oozing pile of flesh didn’t look grotesque enough, he also shot out fireballs from his dual rocket-flamethrower-hand… things.

Mancubus Old

New: Double ewww. Let’s all take a moment to be grateful that we don’t have smell technology in games!

Mancubus New


Old: Making his first appearance as a surprise boss in the original game, the Cyberdemon was huge, nasty, ugly, terrifying, and tough as hell. And now? Well:

Cyberdemon Old

New: Enough said.

Cyberdemon New

Ready to come face to face with some of these nasties yourself? Doom arrives for Xbox One and Windows PC tomorrow.