Fast-Paced Sci-Fi Action Meets Critical Thinking in ReCore

How do you take another trip to space when you’ve already helmed one of the greatest intergalactic gaming adventures of all time?

If you’re ReCore director Mark Pacini, a veteran of the Metroid Prime franchise, you relish the challenge and tackle it head-on – with the help of some handy robo-pals.

ReCore’s mechanical buddies are the signature element that really sets this action-platformer apart in the crowded sci-fi landscape. Mack is a dog-like robot dubbed “the explorer,” who can dash through environments – and enemies – with speed and agility. Seth is a spider-like “escape artist” who can help main character Joule reach distant walls and ledges. And Duncan is the “heavy hitter” whose gorilla-like attacks make short work of enemies.

“These robotic companions are really the key to the game,” Pacini says. “Joule is important, but these companions are the things that really propel her. You can hit a lot of the game’s dungeons in a different order, so you’re not necessarily progressing in a linear fashion – and your robotic companions serve as your keys to unlocking new areas. It’s very much a layered experience.”

Combat also brings a few more wrinkles than your typical space shooter. Battles revolve around toggling between four color-based attacks – blue, yellow, red, and white – and tailoring your offensive maneuvers based on the strengths and weaknesses of the enemies you encounter. It’s a refreshing change of pace for those who prefer their action on the cerebral side.

Pacini and a few of his Metroid Prime coworkers formed their own independent development house, Armature Studio, back in 2008, and they’re continually looking for the best partners the industry has to offer. That led to a collaboration with Keiji Inafune, formerly of the Mega Man franchise, whose team at Comcept has provided a lot of ReCore’s high-level direction.

“When we talked with Inafune-san about creating this game, we talked about creating something that had a lot of the sensibilities that we like,” Pacini says. “We like platforming, we like action, and we like puzzles.”

Inafune and his team, meanwhile, crafted the characters and story. And like Pacini’s other well-known sci-fi project, this one also stars an enigmatic female space warrior in one cool-as-heck costume – though he’s coy on her exact role in the story.

Based on our hands-on time with ReCore at E3 2016, fans of sci-fi-themed action-platformers are going to find a lot to like here, and the wait’s now only three months away. You can discover the secrets behind the game’s high-tech mysteries on September 13th, only on Xbox One and Windows PC.