Action-packed Platformer Kyub Available Now for Xbox One

Japanese developer Ninja Egg is happy to share that its hardcore, yet cute-looking, puzzle action platformer Kyub is available now on Xbox One.

Kyub was originally a student project started at Isart Digital, a video game college in Paris where it won the school prize. In 2012, it was selected to compete in the Independent Games Festival in San Francisco.

Since then, the game has come a long way, getting picked up by Ninja Egg and joining the [email protected] program! It was completely remade from scratch in Unity and revamped with a new art style, new surroundings, and even deeper gameplay. But what is Kyub exactly?!

Puzzle games are seeing a revival through indie developers in recent years. With Kyub, the developers wanted to expand the genre by mixing puzzle and action phases in a way that challenges your left and right brain at the same time.

As director Martin Schemidt puts it, “The simplest games are often the deepest. Kyub gives you creative challenges to use your right and left brain. It means Fun. Everyone can have a grasp of Kyub but mastering it takes skill.”

In simpler terms, you will have to wrack your brains over devious puzzles while moving the Kyub through maze-like levels, escaping malicious traps, climbing walls with rhythm-like button combinations, and activating switches to trigger new paths.

To do all this you can change your Kyub’s status to become immune to the elements and use other cubes to help you out. You can design your journey to move at a slow pace or furiously fast rhythm. It’s all up to you, but you always have to be creative because memory, reflexes, and rapid execution are the keys to completing each challenge.

You will probably die a lot on your journey, as the developers intended, especially when trying to compete on leaderboards to be the fastest among your friends. And last but not least, the mysterious world of Kyub offers more than 80 levels, so be prepared for a looong journey.

Grab Ninja Egg’s Kyub for Xbox One today!