Worms WMD hero

Worms W.M.D Drops Onto the Battlefield Today

I’m so excited to tell you that Worms W.M.D is now available to download on Xbox One!

And due to the overwhelming reaction we’ve received for the All-Stars Pack, we’re extending it to the launch period too. So if you pick up Worms W.M.D right now you’ll get the All-Stars Pack, which features an army of guest stars from some of the hottest games around!

The All-Stars Pack features weapons, maps, hats and more from some pretty awesome games including Rocket League, Yooka-Laylee, Payday 2, Saints Row IV and more! Exclusive to Xbox One players is the Rare All-Stars content with some of the most famous characters from the legendary developer joining the carnage!

In Worms W.M.D you and up to five of your friends (either online or on the couch) will wage war in stunning 2D hand drawn maps. Worms W.M.D introduces new elements to the classic formula, including vehicles such as helicopters, tanks and mechs, and a brand new crafting system. You’ll be able to craft deadly variations of your favorite weapons to gain a new tactical advantage on the battlefield.

When you’re not destroying your friends (or being wiped out yourself) there’s 30 campaign missions, and a bunch of training and challenge missions. It’s the perfect way to get some practice and hone your tactics before heading online!

I can’t wait to see what you all think of the game when you get your hands on it and I look forward to seeing you guys out on the battlefield!