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Furi is Slashing its Way to Xbox One

Furi is coming soon to Xbox One and we’re very excited for the opportunity to put the game in new players’ hands. So, what’s Furi about? It has been called many things, from “supremely stylish,” “genre-bending,” and “intensely engaging,” or “a torture for the thumbs” and “the hardest game since Dark Souls III.”

Indeed, Furi is a challenging game comprised entirely of wildly varying boss battles with a mysterious quest for freedom as its backdrop. Its unique mix of sword fighting and shooting has garnered it a lot of praise. Its art style is vibrant and the character design is striking, thanks to Afro Samurai‘s creator, Takashi Okazaki, with an original soundtrack featuring popular synthwave acts like Carpenter Brut, Danger, Scattle, Lorn, The Toxic Avenger, Waveshaper and more.

Internally, we like to call it “a love letter to Japanese action games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid or Godhand.” It’s a game designed to create intense satisfaction, and by necessity, create intense frustration along the way. Its fast pace requires great timing, reflexes, and judgment. With responsive controls, you must think and act nimbly. Each of the formidable guardians has a distinct combat style requiring absolute focus, skill, and split-second reflexes to defeat. A game of counter attack, where you wait and punish, and you get better after each successive encounter.

Not everyone will succeed, but we want you to feel extremely satisfied when you finally defeat a boss. This satisfaction is proportional to the effort you put into the game, and that requires time. When you fail, you get knocked down, but you’ll know why. And you’ll improve. You feel like you could do better. You just want to give it “one more try” and when you succeed… it’s one of the best feelings in gaming. That’s how we want to make you feel when you play Furi.

We’ll be announcing the Xbox One release date soon with exclusive content and a new boss encounter. For now, please stay tuned to The Game Bakers Twitter account for further updates on Furi.