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Slain: Back from Hell Tips and Strategies

Greetings! My name is Christian Bliss, Content Manager at Digerati Distribution. To help celebrate the arrival of Slain: Back from Hell on Xbox One today, October 21, we’ve amassed a keen-edged arsenal of tips from the development team to help you cut a bloody swath through the foul hordes who stand in Bathoryn’s way!

Slain‘s brutally harsh reputation precedes it, so you’ll need every tool at your disposal to stay un-eviscerated. These strategies will focus on defense as well as how to attack with devastating effectiveness.


Slain Parry GIF

Above all else, learning to parry is your key to turning the tide in battle, and timing the block so it can be turned into a shattering riposte may seem impossible at first. Rest assured every incoming blow is parry-able if you wait until it’s almost hit home.

Dash Back, Brutal Attack

Slain Brutal Attack GIF

Players often overlook the rapid back dash (as running away is for losers, obviously). However, combining the dash with an immediate charged-up Brutal Attack is an effective way of turning defense into offense; the distance you dash back matches closely to the optimal range of the ensuing Brutal Attack.

Mega Mana Spirit

Slain Mana Bolt GIF

Don’t forget that in the heat of battle you can charge the Mana Spirit into a secondary level of destructive power. It’s very useful for clearing a path through advancing grunts or inflicting massive amounts of damage on a boss.

Blast Wind-up Immunity

Slain Mana Blast GIF

To help Bathoryn get out of a sticky situation, he can clear the screen of enemies with the devastating Mana Blast if his Mana bar is maxed out. He’s also immune to any incoming attacks as the blast is charging, so time it accordingly.

Rounding out some of the other tips for Bathoryn: he can slash while ducking that’s very effective against larger enemies, use particle effects and audio queues to understand which weapons work best against specific enemies, and be wary of Cursed Souls who can steal your Mana.

Slain Headbang GIF

So sharpen your steel, harden your heart, and get ready to headbang in honor of the Great Horned Metal God! Slain: Back from Hell is available now on Xbox One.