Titanfall 2 Single Player SMALL

Titanfall 2: Welcome Back to the Frontier

When we launched the original Titanfall in 2014 the Xbox community welcomed us with open arms and helped make it a tremendous success. It was amazing to see the positive reaction and incredible things players were doing with the game. We are grateful for your amazing support. Now, we’re excited to continue the journey with our fans and new players alike with the launch of Titanfall 2.

Our goal with Titanfall 2 was to improve on what we built, but also challenge ourselves to create something new. Adding a proper single player campaign was a big priority this time. We heard you loud and clear that you wanted to see and explore more of the universe we created, and internally we wanted to get back to making great single player experiences that our team is known for. It was a difficult journey to figure out how to make that with the gameplay mechanics we built in the original, but the team was up to the challenge, and we are very proud of what we came up with. What you’ll get in single player is something a bit more light-hearted and varied then what you might typically expect from a shooter, and we hope that you will be surprised and delighted at the creativity our team brought to single player.

Titanfall 2 multiplayer is a deeper, richer, and more learnable game this time around. We’ve added more weapons, Pilot kits, and customization, giving you more choices to explore and things to unlock so that your progression is longer, more varied, and more meaningful. Specific Titan classes add an entirely new and strategic meta to the game that we anticipate will continue to develop as players master the game.

These enhancements mean a new learning curve for both veteran and first time players. We encourage you to come into multiplayer with an open mind and try out new tactics so that you can find your own style. You will encounter situations where that Titan or Pilot loadout isn’t working but that’s OK! The more you adapt and discover, you may be surprised at the things you can do, and find yourself learning new ways to play. So don’t be afraid to experiment! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

To get you started, whether you are a returning vet or new Pilot, here are some tips to help you get ready for Titanfall 2:

  • Use slide to boost your speed to gain momentum and when entering a room or coming around a corner. It’ll catch your enemy off guard and makes you a smaller target.
  • Getting kills, completing objectives, and damaging Titans speeds up your Titan Timer significantly.
  • Try out Networks! Networks are all about making Titanfall 2 a more social experience. These are in-game hubs of activity that you can search and join based off your own interests and goals. Want to find like-minded players or discover new friends to play with? It’s never been easier.
  • Many weapons are reliable when fired from the hip. Aim down sights for accuracy when you need it, but stay mobile when you don’t!
  • Rodeo enemy Titans to steal their batteries. You can give it to a friendly Titan or save it for yours to get back some lost health and a shield.
  • After listening to feedback from Titanfall veterans we’ve brought the Smart Pistol back but this time as a temporary Boost. It’s one of many though, so you’ll have to decide when’s the right time to use it vs the other great Boosts in the game.
  • Attrition has been one of the most requested modes, so it’s back! This time around you’ll face off against new enemies that will get more powerful as the match progresses, so prepare accordingly.

Thank you for your continued passion for Titanfall and we hope you enjoy the game!