Gigantic Key Art

Play Gigantic on Xbox One and Windows 10; Tips and Strategies Inside

We’re proud to announce Gigantic is available in open beta for the Xbox One and Windows 10 Game Preview Program in North America and Europe! Gigantic is a free-to-play, third-person MOBA that pits two teams of five against each other in the fight to take down the enemy guardian. To help give you an edge in battle, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to help you get started in this competitive game.

Discover a New Way to Play Your Hero

Choose between 16 different heroes, each with their own unique playstyle. Each hero can be built in a variety of ways, allowing them to focus on a different aspect of their arsenal. As you play and learn about a hero, make sure to experiment with the different upgrades to see which one best fits your style.

For example, Aisling — a sword-wielding summoner — can either be played as a melee tank or as a ranged support, depending on how you want to customize her given the circumstances of the match. Part of the fun of Gigantic is not only discovering what build suits you, but which will best counter the build paths the enemy has chosen.

Know Your Targets and Teammates

After your initial summons on the summoning circle nearest to your airship, it’s time for the real battle to begin! On the Ghost Reef map, most of the early battles will take place on or around point D, the true middle ground. It’s here you’ll be tested on your teamwork and fighting prowess; get to know your teammates, what they’re capable of, and work with them to find the best approach to each fight.

If you have a Lord Knossos on your team, wait for him to use his Gore attack to initiate a battle, then follow up with your own skills. If the enemy team has a support character like Uncle Sven or Vadasi, focus your attacks on them before your precious damage is restored. In situations where your guardian is vulnerable, team up to find and destroy the heavy damage-dealing HK-206 before it can deal a wound to your guardian.

Creatures Collect Power Orbs for Your Team

There are multiple ways to power up your Guardian, and the first team to reach 100 power will have the chance to attack and wound the enemy Guardian. You get 10 power for each enemy killed, 20 power for each enemy creature killed, and 20 power for each Power Orb collected.

There are two ways to collect these Power Orbs, which spawn every so often on the summoning circles where you spawn creatures. You can manually step on one and collect it yourself – which takes you out of the fight and leaves you vulnerable – or the summoned creature can collect the orb. If they’re not being attacked, your creatures will automatically collect the Power Orbs, leaving your team free to fight elsewhere. If you see an enemy attacking your creature, make sure to defend it! To learn more about how to build power, head here.

Focus Charges Can Be Used to Upgrade Creatures

Every hero has a powerful ability known as their “Focus” attack. These can often turn the tide of battle by either doing heavy amounts of damage or stunning the entire enemy team. Focus is built by landing hits on enemies, taking damage, and dying; once you’ve done enough to build up a “Focus charge”, you can either choose to use your Focus ability at an important moment, or upgrade your creatures to powerful adult creatures.

To upgrade a creature with your Focus charge, simply stand next to one of your creatures, then press and hold the designated button. Your creature will then undergo the upgrade, where it’ll once again be vulnerable for a short amount of time, meaning you’ll need to defend it. Once the upgrade is complete, your creature will become an adult and perform their usual functions at a much higher level. To learn more about Focus, head to our guide here.

We hope you decide to join the fray and download Gigantic. After all, it’s free via Xbox One’s Game Preview Program, so it’s worth a try. See you on the battlefield!