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Warframe, the Free to Play Hit, Ends the Year with Biggest Update Yet

Happy holidays, Tenno! We hope you’re enjoying the latest new cinematic quest, The War Within, on Xbox One right now. It took us a little while to get it out, but we hope you find it was worth the wait!

For those who haven’t dug into The War Within yet, this update explores the story of the Grineer Queens. Since the Tenno have awoken from cryogenic sleep, whispers of the Grineer Queens’ presence have echoed throughout the system, but we’ve never encountered them before. Now you can venture into their fortress to unravel the mysteries of the Tenno’s past and discover their true abilities. Underpowered and unprepared, test the limits of your strength in new and unsettling ways, not only to save yourself but the fate of their entire kind.

Be sure to get your Warframe at the ready, this update requires you to have finished The Second Dream and unlocked the Sedna Junction before accessing The War Within quest. It’s challenging and I highly recommend joining up with a fellow Tenno to complete the tougher sections. Since Warframe is a one- to four-player co-op game, whether you join with friends or strangers, it doesn’t matter. The Warframe community (the best game community ever, IMHO) is very friendly and helpful to newcomers or players on their way up.

While working toward The War Within, it will be hard to miss the seasonal additions to Warframe. It’s that time again in the Origin System where we gather in Relays, send Gifts, and decorate our Landing Crafts to celebrate the season. As a bonus, we’re kicking off the holidays with a Gifting Extravaganza, Tactical Alert, and festive Customizations for your Warframes and Landing Craft!

Be sure to visit the official TennoBaum Gifting Extravaganza site. From now until January 4, we are counting the number of in-game gifts given between Tenno. With each new gifting milestone reached, Digital Extremes’ charitable donation will increase and players can also receive in-game rewards for their generosity. Win-win!

After you get your gifting on, go deck your halls and Warframes with new winter-themed Landing Craft decorations, Winter Solstice Skin bundles and more. Once you’re ready, prepare for an intergalactic snowball fight with your Tenno in the Snowday Showdown Tactical Alert running December 30 through January 2. You’ll receive an award each day if you complete three matches, so get your Warframe’s throwing arm ready!

That about wraps up another amazing year for us here at Digital Extremes. Looking back over everything we’ve accomplished in 2016 is daunting to think about, and, as usual, we always wish we could have done more, but that’s what 2017 is for! Thank you for being there through thick and thin. Your patience for The War Within certainly tested your loyalty and we hope it met your long-awaited expectations. We wish you heartfelt good tidings this holiday season and look forward to working with you to help further improve Warframe in 2017. See you on our weekly stream in the New Year on “Xbox One @ 1” at 1 p.m. EST every Monday! Happy Holidays, Tenno!