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Unleash Your Imagination and Become a Doodle God Today

We’re pleased to bring you the best version ever of Doodle God to the Xbox One. Our studio wanted to create a new kind of world building game that combined the centuries old concept of alchemy with traditional building mechanics. First and foremost, Doodle God: Ultimate Edition is fun but the game will also push your imagination and creativity.

Players start with the four basic elements: fire, earth, wind, and air and then use their logic and ingenuity to eventually build airplanes, armies, skyscrapers, storms, aliens… you name it. You can build it in Doodle God: Ultimate Edition.

Our team has been working on new content and features over the last three years.  Doodle God: Ultimate Edition, which started life as a pencil and paper game, has evolved as our studio has grown. For the Xbox One version we worked hard to add the new Planet mode where now for the first time, as you successfully create new elements like a volcano, you’ll see the volcano come alive on your world.

Doodle God Screenshot

We also added a new Mission mode to help new players progress in the game. As you play, new missions will pop-up letting you know that you have already created some of the elements needed to create something new. For example: you may have already created steel, so now we might give you a mission to create a locomotive.

Like to compete against (and beat) your friends? We figured as much. So you might like to know that we’ve added the first ever PVP mode. Now you and two friends can race against the clock to see who can create new elements the fastest, not to mention Achievements.

We also spent a great deal of time taking advantage of Xbox One’s excellent graphics capabilities to make the game shine. Finally, everybody needs a little bit of help from their friends, so as you play the game and successfully create new elements you will be rewarded by some hilarious wit and wisdom from some of the worlds greatest comedians and philosophers of all time.

Lastly, remember that the universe was not created in one day. You must build your world up from a simple microorganism to create animals, humans, tools, etc., before you have what it takes to create a new universe. Beware that the power of creation may have unintended consequences, like inventing the wheel might trigger a zombie plague. The power of creation is now in your hands! Have fun building your world and thank you for checking out Doodle God: Ultimate Edition.