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Dare to Conquer the Mega Challenge on Roblox for Xbox One

Roblox’s massive library of free user-generated games and experiences is getting a mega-sized upgrade, with an emphasis on mega. We’re happy to announce that an all-new game from the creator of the classic hit Roblox Deathrun is now available on Xbox One — welcome to Mega Challenge.

Created by all-star Roblox developer Wsly, Mega Challenge is designed to test the speed, wit, and mettle of the most-skilled players. It’s a winding obstacle course located smack-dab in the middle of an ever-expanding sky, where elaborately placed gears, floating platforms, and islands are just as prevalent as the clouds themselves. But before you can reach that glorious finish line in the sky, you’ll need to run, jump, and race your way past giant hammers, stomping fists, and dastardly spikes.

Mega Challenge has garnered over 800,000 visits from players since it first launched in November 2016 on PC. With its finely-tuned controls, Xbox One players can look forward to racing their friends across several meticulously designed challenge levels and the monthly Mega Challenge to compete for the best time on the leaderboards. We think you’ll have a lot of fun navigating through these winding levels, seeking new ways to shave off seconds from your best time while attempting to escape certain doom at the hands of a spinning hammer in the sky.

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Take on the Mega Challenge, along with many other immersive 3D games and creatively diverse multiplayer experiences, by downloading Roblox for free on Xbox One. Unleash your imagination today!