Zombie Vikings Small Image

Zombie Vikings Are Invading Xbox One

You know those nights hanging out in your living room, eating pizza and going crazy about some game with your friends? That’s the image we had in mind when we created Zombie Vikings. During the development, we called it a pizza-and-beer game. That should be an official genre, right? But remember, you can also drink soda! Totally fine.

Zombie Vikings is a co-op brawler for up to four players. Team up with Caw-Kaa, Hedgy, Gunborg, and Seagurd — all recently reanimated — and go on a quest to find Odin’s eye, which has been snatched by the gods own trickster Loki. Oh, and there are also cats with cute little bows.

Your journey takes place in the twisted universe that is Norse mythology. Unlike many other hack-n-slash games, we put a lot of time into giving the game an interesting and funny story to keep you company through the hordes of enemies. And if you think our tale is a bit… weird, we can promise you that that’s nothing compared to some of the authentic Norse myths. Seriously, just give them a read (the one where the first woman and man grow out of a giant’s armpit is especially rad).

But back to where we started! We wanted to develop a great couch co-op game. But we didn’t want it to just be about being on the same screen as your friends. We wanted people to really rumble around in the Viking universe together in a much broader sense. So, we spent a lot of time coming up with fun ways to work together. One of my personal favorites is having your characters merge into one epic mega zombie stitched together with what I can only assume is some kind of heavy duty thread combined with super glue.

With that, I’ll wrap this up. We really hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with our beloved zombies in this epic 90s hack fest; 790s, that is. See you in Valhalla!