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Announcing Graveyard Keeper, Lazy Bear Games Follow-up to Punch Club

Graveyard Keeper GifI’d like to introduce you to Graveyard Keeper, the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management simulator you’ll play this year. In our game, you can build and manage your own graveyard, find ways to cut costs, expand into witch-burning festival entertainment, and scare villagers into attending church to name just a few of your ventures. You must do whatever it takes to build a thriving business in this capitalism economy; it just happens to be a graveyard.

During your cemetery management, you’ll face many ethical dilemmas. Do you want to spend money on proper hotdog meat for the festival when you have so many resources lying around, resources that will allow you to craft new items that will help expand your graveyard into a thriving business? The choice is yours.

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You’ll also embark on several business alliances. Dead bodies don’t need all that blood, do they? Why not sell them to someone who can put that body to good use… like the vampire next door. Hey, it’s being efficient with recycling!

And no medieval game would be complete without being able to explore mysterious dungeons. Embark across the surrounding areas to discover what this land has to offer, like finding new ingredients that may allow you to poison some of the nearby villagers to help make your business booming.

Graveyard Keeper Screenshot

We’ll have more to share on Graveyard Keeper throughout the year. For the latest updates on our game, be sure to stay tuned to our social channels as well as Xbox Wire.