Command All Units in the Halo Wars 2 Demo Today

In case you’ve been in cryosleep, Halo Wars 2 recently launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC! Fans have been eagerly diving into the battlefield, fielding armies of Scorpions, Warthogs and more. However, if you haven’t had chance to put your strategy hat on yet – surprise, the Halo Wars 2 demo is now live on Xbox One and coming soon to Windows 10 PC!

Included in the demo is a first look at the campaign with mission one, “The Signal,” as well as Blitz Firefight where you can test your mettle against waves of AI using a pre-built deck of cards from Captain Cutter or Atriox. The demo is available for all Xbox Live Gold members on Xbox One today, and is coming soon to anyone with a Microsoft account on Windows 10 PC.

If you’re still catching up on all the Halo news, there are a ton of great resources available both here and on Halo Waypoint. Check out legendary RTS developer Creative Assembly’s tips for Blitz – essential for getting you to Nightmare tier in Blitz Firefight – and learn about Halo’s newest (and hairiest) villain, Atriox, from 343 Industries Narrative Director Kevin Grace.