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Roguelike Strategy Title Has-Been Heroes Available Now on Xbox One

A long time ago, video games used to be hard. They didn’t hold your hand and you would die repeatedly before succeeding, learning from your mistakes, and eventually making progress. Has-Been Heroes is that type of game, a return to old-school difficulty, and it’s available now on Xbox One in the US, with EU/Australia to follow next Tuesday, on April 4!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Has-Been Heroes, it’s a roguelike game of strategy and action that puts you into the shoes of a bunch old-timers, the remnants of a band of legendary champions, past their prime, and essentially retired. These old geezers are tasked with one final quest by their King: to take his princess daughters… to school!

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The humorous, tongue-in-cheek setting might fool you for a second, but the game itself is hard! The gameplay centers around a combat system that puts you in charge of three heroes on three different lanes. Your goal is to coordinate their melee attacks and spells to defeat an incoming undead army summoned in your path.  Managing cooldowns, eyeing enemy attributes and timing attacks correctly, combining spell elements and using all the hidden tricks built into the game are all essential for survival.

Between battles, your group is moving on a map that is filled with treasures, merchants, spell vendors, shrines and all kinds of crossroads that give you tools that boost your characters’ powers, to help you fight the unforgiving onslaught of enemies.

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Has-Been Heroes is a roguelike so we expect you to die countless times. We don’t want the game to be unfair so we’ll be making small adjustments based on feedback, but the game is and will always remain hard.

On each playthrough, all the items, spells, enemies, regions and map layout are randomized, which keeps the game fresh and different each time you play. You’ll need to adapt your strategy based on what spells and items you come across, and which characters you give them to. In total, there are 300+ spells, 200+ items, 200+ enemies, 13 different regions and lots of unlockable characters for you to discover! For more info check out @HasBeenHeroes on Twitter and Facebook and check it out on the Xbox Store today.