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Beam Theme Week on Xbox Wire: Partner Spotlight

At Beam, we’re fortunate to host a number of great Partners who bring their creativity and energy to the Beam community, and who create some amazing streams and content for the community to enjoy and engage with.

Just like Beam’s FTL technology, the Beam Partnership program is also unique. It’s unlike any other streaming partnership program – they’re representatives of the community and of Beam itself. And because our Partners have such an important role in the community, what helps determine what qualifies a Beam Partner streamer extends beyond more than just numbers. We want to ensure potential Partners are the right fit for the community, first. Each potential Partner is selectively picked and reviewed prior to joining the Beam family—to ensure that Beam’s rich, vibrant community continues to grow in the same way. Interested in becoming a Partner? Learn more about Beam’s Partnership program here.

What does a Beam Partner get? Partners gain a subscription button for users on their channel, exclusive resources, early access to Beam-related information and first access to new features, as well as a dedicated Partner Manager who becomes their point of contact at Beam – they’re basically a combination of a coffee buddy, sensei and concierge.

And with that, we’d like to introduce you to the stars of this blog post…some of our Beam Partners! And remember, these folks are just a few among many great Partners we encourage you to check out on Beam.


Archonaut streams five days a week. His favorite stream is on Sundays when he sets up a virtual reality stream. He plays Soundstage for VR Drums and takes song requests from the chat, so tune in and jam along with him to your favorite tunes! When he’s not drumming, he can be found dominating in Rocket League. Archonaut is passionate about pushing the limits of Beam’s interactive capabilities. His goal is for his viewers to feel like they are can “play” the stream.

What to Talk About: Ask Archonaut about his love of drums!

The More You Know: Archonaut memorized a hundred digits of Pi (“for basically no reason”).


Blizzy is a classic variety streamer, which means she changes what game she streams depending on whatever she feels drawn to that day. Right now, she enjoys Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Overwatch, and Stardew Valley. Her stream is completely family-friendly.

What to Talk About: Ask Blizzy what her top three games of all-time are!

The More You Know: Blizzy graduated high school at age fifteen.


QueenOfArt rarely streams gameplay, preferring instead to showcase digital painting in the ‘Creative’ category on Beam. When she began streaming a little over a year ago, she had never drawn digitally. Now, QueenOfArt is a professional artist supported entirely by commissions, web design work, and her Beam subscribers.

What to Talk About: Ask QueenOfArt about her favorite artist or style of art!

The More You Know: QueenOfArt played for a professional Overwatch team that she left to pursue her passion for streaming and art.


SIEFE began streaming in 2008. Now he is a full-time Beam Partner and owner of Strictly Business, an eSports organization. He primarily streams tactical shooters and open-world looter shooters. SIEFE invests much of his stream time to charity fundraising. His daughter’s mother passed away when their daughter was six years old, and he focuses these streams on fundraising for cancer research.

What to Talk About: Ask SIEFE what his favorite tactical shooters are!

The More You Know: SIEFE can move one eyeball at a time.


TyLuGames began streaming in June 2016. He loves story-driven games that allow him and his viewers to become absorbed in the characters and invested in the final outcome at the conclusion of the game. When he is AFK, he loves to cook and describes himself as a “hardcore foodie.”

What to Talk About: Ask TyLuGames what his favorite foods are or how he learned to cook!

The More You Know: TyLuGames is an avid fan of B-list horror films and cult classics. If a horror flick is rated 1-star on Netflix, chances are he has seen it.

Don’t forget – today’s theme for Beam Theme Week is Fancy Friday. If you want to join in on the festivities as a streamer, simply change the game played field to one of the theme week titles so other viewers can find you. You can find all the participating streamers here.

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