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The Next Big Expansion Arrives in Magic Duels on Xbox One

We’re entering a whole new ranked season and a brand-new location in the next Magic Duels expansion: Amonkhet. There are 158 new earnable cards, including towering Gods, mummified zombies, and all-new Planeswalkers.

Amonkhet marks the sixth major expansion in Magic Duels, bringing the in-game playable card count to more than 1,300. On top of that, the game now offers 60 free single-player campaign missions. We’re happy with the new missions arriving in Amonkhet, which follow a bit of a different perspective in Magic’s story than we’re used to. You take the role of an initiate in the five trials of the Gods, competing to rise among the worthy. The trials include solving out-of-the box puzzles and overwhelming opponents in games of Magic.

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What we’re most proud of right now though, is the balanced ranked multiplayer. The challenge with any card game is that someone solves the format. It’s not that fun when there is a clear “best deck” you should play. With each new expansion, that challenge increases. That isn’t the case with Magic Duels.

We continue to see new players coming up with new strategies and fun card combos in ranked multiplayer. For instance, a player just created a deck they call Electrostatic Flinger (awesome name), where you pump up one creature and then fling them right at the face of your opponent. That’s just one of many competitive deck ideas shared by the community on a daily basis. Come join in the conversation on the Magic Duels Facebook page.

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Amonkhet adds to the arsenal with new mechanics like cycling (where you can discard a card to draw a new one), embalm (where you can bring zombified versions of creatures back from the grave), and exert (where a creature can trade an attack cooldown of an extra turn to unlock special abilities).

And if you haven’t jumped into Magic Duels yet, now really is the best time. You can play free and we’ve retooled the intro battles and tutorials based on a lot of player feedback. We’re excited to see all the fun ways players find to overcome the new campaign, crush AI decks, and face down others.