Enjoy A Multiplayer All-Access Event With Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

We’re launching a Multiplayer All-Access event with a free unlock of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition. Xbox is inviting all Xbox Live members, with or without a Gold membership, to play online with friends for free in any game they own during our Multiplayer All-Access event from May 18-21 on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Experience one of the most-popular benefits of Xbox Live Gold membership with access to the most advanced gaming network. Log in now and start playing together.

Need something new to play? How about trying out one of the bestselling games on Xbox? All Xbox Live members on Xbox One will get a limited time free unlock of Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to play from May 18-21. Log on and start creating and exploring new worlds with your friends where the only limit is what you can imagine.

Remember, the Multiplayer All-Access event is only available from May 18 to 21, so log on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 now to get in on the action. More info can be found at xbox.com/live/multiplayer-all-access.